The Wax & Mount Mount Stashes at Surfers Beach

Wax Stash Mouth Mount Stash GoPro Puerto Rico

Check out the Wax Stash & Mount Mount Stash in use at Surfers Beach

Here’s a vid of our Wax Stash and Mount Mount Stash in use at Surfers on the northwest corner of Puerto Rico.

Our Wax Stash carries a half bar of surf wax and attaches to your lease so that girls wearing bikinis or anyone in a wetsuit can always carry wax in the water.

Our Mouth Mount Stash allows you to carry your GoPro on any band that you wear on your arm or leg so that you don’t have to paddle/duckdive with your camera in your mouth or on a lanyard around your neck on your way out to the break. Simply press the Stash’s release pin to instantly grab your camera and shoot, and replacing your camera on the armband is just as easy.

Both Stashes are made for surfers by surfers so that you never have to leave your stuff on the beach.  Just stash it and go instead!

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