The Buoy Stash in Puerto Rico

Buoy Stash GoPro Rincon - Surf Stash

Check Out The Buoy Stash at Steps Beach in Rincon

Here’s a 1-minute vid of our Buoy Stash filing the reef at Steps Beach near Tres Palmas in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Our Buoy Stash removes all the hassle of carrying your GoPro on buoy mount or hand grip during your dive sessions. The Buoy Stash connects to your GoPro on buoy mount and then connects to any band that you wear on your arm or leg, so your camera is always within easy reach when you want it and always out of the way when you don’t.  Click here to see how easy it is to grab your camera and shoot when you want and replace it on the Buoy Stash when you don’t.   And please forward this post to anyone you know that loves to dive. You can learn more about our Buoy Stash here.  And remember, Surf Stash products are designed to license to existing water sport companies. Our partners use our products as promotional tools combined with theirs to sell a lot more of their own products in addition to ours. Click this contact link to find out how.