Key Stash Costa Rica Tow-in Session

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Watch Lonny Mead and friends test the Key Stash in Costa Rica

Lonny Mead has surfed Costa Rica’s bigger breaks for decades.  His favorites are the breaks in and around Hermosa.  Surf Stash caught up with Lonny during a recent tow-in session.

Surf Sash:  So how were the waves?

Lonny:  Fun, a little late in the year for Costa, but still fun.

Surf Stash: So what do you think of your Key Stash?

Lonny: Love this thing.  I’ve had my car stolen during a surf session before.  The thieves found the key hidden under my car.  I never have to worry about that anymore.  Plus, I never even feel the Key Stash on my ankle, even in heavy surf.  Now I take my Key Stash with me during every session.

Surf Stash:  Cool.  Thanks, Lonny.  We’ll let you get back to it.

Check out the vid of Lonny and friends surfing with the Key Stash here. (video coming soon)

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