Kiteboarding with the Mount Mount Stash for GoPro


Check out this vid of Tristan Hill Kiteboarding with the Mouth Mount Stash

Friend of Surf Stash, Tristan Hill, prefers shooting his kiteboard sessions with his GoPro on a mounth mount versus a chest mount, as the mouth mount allows the camera to see what Tristen sees.  But shooting with a mouth mount when kiteboarding is difficult, as there is just too much going on in front of the kite for Tristan to to transport his GoPro on a lanyard around his neck when he’s not filing, and the camera on lanyard creates a safety hazard during wipeouts.

Our Mount Mount Stash solves all this!  Our Mouth Mount Stash allows Tristan to transport his GoPro on mouth mount on any armband like the MyGo armband tether Tristan is using in this vid.  Watch how easy it is for Tristan to grab his GoPro from his MyGo armband, place the mouth mount in his mount to shoot, and then replace his camera back on the armband when he’s done filming and just wants to kiteboard.  This way Tristan’s GoPro is always in easy reach when he wants it and always out of the way and secure when he doesn’t.

Hey surfers, our Mouth Mount Stash is perfect for you too!  No longer do you have to paddle and duckdive with your GoPro in your mouth or on a lanyard around your neck.

Check out the vid of Tristan here, and please forward this post to any kiteboarder or surfer that might be interested.  You can also learn more about our Mouth Mount Stash here, and thanks for your interest in Surf Stash.